ico services

Product analysis

We use an agnostic approach to ensure your project fits all the requirements for a successful ICO. Our experts analyze your product in detail to get a better grasp of how to best position yourselves in the current and future market. Our analysis covers chosen blockchain protocol, tokenomics solutions, whitepaper review and investment sustainability of the product.

Marketing Strategy

Once we have performed the product analysis and collected comprehensive data about the project, our team develop detailed marketing campaign strategies for all stages of the project. Our services cover branding through various online platforms, product visibility in the media, bounty campaigns, influencer reviews and connections with potential investors.

TGE Strategy

The cryptocurrency space is rapidly changing and becoming exponentially more competitive. Blockchain companies need customized plans along with the ability to execute simultaneously across all channels to compete effectively for market share. We use our ICO investment experience to create a detailed road map with clear steps for a successful TGE launch.

education & R&D

Blockchain basics

We provide various education seminars which introduce blockchain, smart contracts, and digital currencies to its participants. Our goal is to make participants familiar with this disruptive technology and obtain a basic understanding of how the blockchain works, its history and potential use cases for the future.


We determine whether the blockchain could provide a benefit to your business or industry. Our team has experts in various disciplines that help you develop specified scenarios of implementing blockchain in your business. We guide an established business to pivot to a blockchain solution, either as a new product or as a means of improving current operational efficiency.

Exploratory study

Crib Consulting conduct a study of the areas where blockchain could be an opportunity or a threat for your company, producing a detailed report on our findings. If you prefer us to take a more passive role we can participate in ideation workshops and guide your team in finding the right solution for your business.

our team

Nikica Tomašić

CEO & co-founder

Hrvoje Magzan

COO & co-founder

Blaž Bolanča

CFO & co-founder